Prevalent ABN Verification

Medical necessity denials cost hospitals hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars every year in write-offs, extensive high wage man-hours researching and appealing denials and responding to patient concerns. Even physician practices often lose thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually for physician, lab and imaging services.

Why Do Healthcare Providers Prefer Prevalent ABN Verification?

Prevalent ABN Verification™ can stop over 90% of these denials after implementation. Prevalent ABN Verification is easy to use and can be implemented immediately as a web application or integrated directly into Prevalent EHR/HIMS. As a web application, there is no software to install, no updates to be made, freeing up your core staff and dependence on internal IT resources.   Comprehensive coding tools make coding easier, even for non-coders. In seconds, staff can validate an order for medical necessity. When necessary, a fully completed Medicare-compliant ABN form can be printed, ready for patient's signature, including the estimated cost. (Electronic signature capture options are also available.)

Comprehensive ABN Verification Service

Prevalent ABN Verification subscriptions provide everything you need, plus an impressive set of utilities and all-inclusive support (see the table below for more information about some of the features our users have come to rely upon). All code and edit updates are included, with data updated within 2 business days of the change being published. And every subscription includes unlimited, toll-free policy and technical support. We even answer the telephone when you call during business hours - no automated answering system, no outsourced call desk. Your calls are answered by our staff, and answers are provided promptly. Our exceptional service and commitment to our clients is one of the reasons we have a client retention rate of over 96%.

Not just a Medicare problem:

Prevalent ABN Verification provides some of the most comprehensive tools to manage Medicare medical necessity requirements. But did you know that you can use this same familiar tool to manage most commercial payer requirements as well? One completely integrated interface, can handle all of your medical necessity checking.

  • Aetna

  • CareFirst

  • Horizon

  • United Healthcare

  • Anthem

  • Empire

  • Medicaid

  • Wellmark

  • Blue Cross

  • Excellus

  • Premera

  • Wellpoint

  • Blue Shield

  • Novitas

  • Regence







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