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Customized Cloud Solutions & Application Hosting For Health Care Providers

The Prevalent development team, lead by our CEO Shawn Fry was one of the originators of cloud computing before the term "cloud" ever made its way into the nomenclature.   His globally patented work since the early 1990's paved the way for this era in technology that allows an organization to substantially cut both hardware costs, labor costs and drive critical information to you wherever you are.   The single greatest accomplishment of cloud based computing should come in the area of healthcare.   Prevalent is at the cutting edge of this technology revolution.

Healthcare organization are dependent upon computer networks for diagnostics, treatment, record keeping, billing and other important tasks. Downtime is disruptive and threatens patient care. The problem is that keeping things running smoothly – and, in many cases, running at all – takes significant expertise. Great strides in telecommunications and information technology has made "cloud computing" – the relocation of most of the hardware and software to an off-site operations center – accessible to medical professionals. Prevalent has refined the concept for the specialized world of the sole practitioner and small to midsized medical office.

Benefits of Prevalent Cloud Technology

Low Cost: Prevalent requires little upfront cost, no server purchase, no software purchase and an unlimited IT department there to support you with all of your needs. We included Free and Unlimited phone support for your entire office, including your medical applications.

Reliability: Our systems are redundant, our staff is knowledgeable and on the job 24/7/365. Our uptime guarantee is 99 percent, which equates to an annual downtime of only a few minutes. We consistently upgrade our infrastructure with the latest in technology and perform a tremendous level of preventative maintenance. Small issues are caught long before they blossom into big problems – and long before they would have come to light if the equipment all was in the customer's office.

Compliance: HIPAA and other regulations include demanding electronic privacy and security requirements. We have experts that ensure your office technology and systems are in compliance.

Disaster Recovery Planning: The redundancy built into our networks – including daily and weekly backups -- offers the highest level of stability in the industry. The system is designed to withstand major problems and, if systems do go down, to facilitate fast restoration. This level of crisis performance can not be replicated in a self-contained small office network.

Security: In a cloud scenario, desktops are simply dummy terminals whose main task is to interface with users. All of the actual computing and data storage – and hence most of the risk – takes place at Prevalent's operations center. For this reason, the key task of protecting the system from spyware, viruses and other threats are carried out at our operations center.




Prevalent, Inc. a subsidiary of Axcension, Inc.

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