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Prevalent intelligently bridges clinical documentation, revenue cycle management, medical records management, coding, compliance with our advanced analytics tools to radically improve financial performance while simultaneously reducing operating and IT cost.

A cornerstone of our hospital patient accounting system,  Prevalent™ Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) of integrated applications helps healthcare organizations to more efficiently manage patient records and optimize reimbursement while ensuring regulatory compliance.

The HIMS application is responsible for coding and abstracting all patient charts and releasing them for billing. Integration with other encoder products can further enhance coding accuracy. This application also features a specially designed HIMS report generator.

Prevalent HIMS includes some of the following fully integrated modules.

Meaningful Use Certified EHR


Insurance Verification

ABN Verification

ADT (Admissions, Discharges, Transfers)

Census Management

Patient Accounting

DNFB with Claims Analysis

Inhouse Report with Error Alerts

Medical Billing for Institutional and Professional Claims

Denials Management

Chargemaster (CDM) Management

Insurance Master

Multiple Facilities

Services Management

Collections Utilities

Preference Cards

Import Capability from Legacy Database(s)

ATB Report

AR Detail

Department Charge Audit

Revenue Reports by Payer

DRG by Payer

Revenue Reports by Department

Prints Self Pay Statements

Deficiency Reports

Press Ganey Reports

More available...


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Prevalent: Clinical and technology expertise that you can depend on

Prevalent, Inc. was established in 2008 with a clearly defined mission: Delivering on the vast potential of electronic medical records by providing highly affordable, functional and usable information systems to hospitals and physician practices. As a company, Prevalent aims to improve the quality and safety of patient care in America by making it easy for healthcare organizations to tap into the power of technology.

Advanced information technology design.

PrevalentEHR® is built on 21st century technology and was developed from start to finish by the Prevalent development team, instead of being pieced together via a series of technology acquisitions. Using experience gained from ahead-of-the-curve industries, Prevalent offers a highly affordable advanced online computing experience to healthcare organizations, as opposed to a limited online EMR application or merely an online interface that relies on a server based system.

Clinical and administrative expertise.

Prevalent brings the experience of healthcare industry clinicians to the development table, ensuring that the company has been able to develop a system that exceeds the functionality and usability expectations of virtually all of those clinicians who use the technology. Prevalent leaders also understand the very unique documentation and medical records needs of healthcare organizations. As a result, Prevalent offers the information systems and support needed to meet the administrative, legal and workflow needs of healthcare organizations.

Patient safety and risk management.

Bringing the experience of legal and clinical professionals together, Prevalent offers advanced patient safety and risk management expertise. By offering access to relevant information at the point of care, Prevalent is helping healthcare organizations move toward the practice of evidence-based medicine. The system's advanced documentation makes it possible to comply with regulatory standards and reduce risk. With this unique combination of technical, clinical, medical records, patient safety and risk management knowledge, Prevalent developed its premier offering: Prevalent Healthcare Analytics.


Chart Locator

Facilities can track medical record charts with check-out, check-in, and reporting capabilities; this application identifies delinquent charts by department, location, and/or physician, and sends notices for their retrieval.

Release of Information

You’ll be able to track external requests for patient health information with this application; users can quickly see what, when, and to whom information was released; features auto-text, fee assessment, payment processing, and reporting capabilities.

Quality Assurance

This application helps organizations coordinate the tracking and reporting of staff utilization, quality assurance programs and risk management; features include reporting capabilities and the ability to create studies based upon questions for tracking patient statistics.








Prevalent, Inc. a subsidiary of Axcension, Inc.

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