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Prevalent's inception began humbly and inadvertently in 2001 while managing the IT department of a 5 hospital system in Texas whose ongoing financial distress caused constant finger pointing between management,  our central business office, our internal billing and coding department, third-party vendors, insurance companies and ultimately our bankers over why our hospital revenue was declining despite growing top line revenues.   Many animated discussions attributed this issue to either coding, charge capture, our payment gateway, payor rule changes, increased overhead and a multitude of reasons when no definitive answer as to what was causing the problem.    The truth is no one could point to a single answer because the complexity of the problem, by design of the entire reimbursement system, was simply overwhelming and there was never going to be a "quick fix".  If fact, no single person in the hospital system had a comprehensive enough picture to find a common denominator. 


Upon this realization, our founder Shawn Fry took the initiative after hours to begin breaking down the various databases into data sets and drawing out the relational logic into a mathematical matrix and assigning "points of comparison" that identified both positive and negative results.   If one could derive the "calculus" of this then it could be fixed.   This lead to a significant time investment with individuals in diverse roles to try to understand their departments role and what bottlenecks did they see affecting the revenue cycle.    Undeterred and partially obsessed to find an answer to this mercurial question we began to try to fix the system in place which went all for naught.


As it turns out, a significant portion of the problem existed where no one could see it.   It was literally "invisible" to our staff and management at the time.   It was not until we examined the data itself which was stored in data silos throughout our network in either scratch tables, vendor databases or disparate systems that did not feed all the clinical data required to our billing system.  Data fields that did not align ultimately lead to data being transferred but not properly processed and this is a major contributor to our revenue cycle shortcomings.


Progress continued and revenues improved but the process was not efficient.   We knew the answers to the questions but the difficulty remain to automate it sufficiently to have a major impact quickly.  In 2006, Mr. Fry resigned as CIO of the hospital system to pursue revenue cycle analytics and healthcare information technology full time and began the architecture of his own EHR and HIMS system to simplify fix these complex issues and in 2007 Prevalent was born.


One would think that if a person with a deep understanding of these complex issues could architect a system and build it to his specifications it would remedy the problem at hand?    The truth is no system will remedy all these issues.   Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Healthland et al, all have their own core issues that affect their performance.  Each of them have their merits and detractors but at that point, Mr. Fry had an epiphany.   The right way to approach the problem was to leverage the existing installed system at hand which has already been capitalized and use advanced analytics tools to determine needs and build the appropriate workflows to have an immediate impact.


Prevalent today is system agnostic and interfaces with each of them.   Our claims analyzer will examine your 837 files and provide immediate feedback as to how to improve your data processes, workflows and most importantly tell us where to look in your database(s) for lost data artifacts.   Employees could be doing their jobs perfectly, but the complexity of the process fails them to the benefit of the payors.  


Our results are actionable, our system is transparent, empirical in nature and provides no disruption or little to noconsumption of valuable staff time.    Please give us a shot and perhaps we can reveal what you have been missing.  




Shawn Fry

President and CEO

Prevalent, Inc.




Prevalent, Inc. a subsidiary of Axcension, Inc.

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